Thursday, 10 April 2014

Preview: Ellroy - Zeche (Sumsuch Remix)

Summer sounds on my latest remix for Apollo. Out April 28th, exclusively on Beatport.

Here's what the label have to say about it:

"Brighton resident, Will Sumsuch on England's south coast is a regular behind the decks in his hometown. Involved in the music industry for over a decade, a band of dedicated followers have become fans of the Will's exciting brand of rhythm and melody. Recognised by the industry, Sumsuch's music has been heard on UK national television adverts and global radio broadcasts in addition to signing his work to some of the leading modern imprints including, Urban Torque, Avangardia and his own successful Colour & Pitch. 2012's "This Old Town" featuring the vocal talents of Matty Eeles marked a debut on Apollo with proceeds of the release going to a UK mental health charity. A pair of remixes for Dapple Apple and Matams has further illustrated Sumsuch's unique passion for his craft, followed now by a sublime reworking of Ellroy. The vocal cut so prevalent in the "Zeche" original once again makes its appearances, this time partnered by delightful house chords and freeform motif that warm the soul. A twinkling arpeggio gives club urgency, playing effortlessly with a strong percussive groove to create a remix of individual mastery."

Friday, 14 February 2014

'Live Now': A Song Dedicated to Love

Love is the major motivating force in the artistic process. Through creativity, we explore the very concept of love. We explore our inability to fully understand, capture or hold onto it more than the briefest of moments.

Love is perpetually both lost and found. The very same moment our conscious mind recognises love, it also confronts emptiness & loneliness. The feeling of 'fullness' forces us to become aware of our empty spaces too. The bright light of love shows up scars which we diligently spend the rest of our lives ignoring.

When love itself becomes manifested in another human being, even for a moment, it is almost too beautiful to bear. Often it becomes unbearable, so we set about destroying it.

My forthcoming single 'Live Now' (out March 10th on Colour and Pitch) is the product of love and loss, but also the centre of a few coincidences.

I rarely write anything personal about my music, but something rather special happened during the making of this record, something which I feel might be worth sharing:

When I was eleven I fell in love. I fell in love with a girl in a dream so vivid that I found myself remembering it 20 years later. She was wearing a Blue Coat…

Fast forward 20 odd years and that dream suddenly flooded back as I sat in a restaurant with a girl I was falling deeply in love with. I found myself convinced I'd found the girl from my dream; same eyes, same smile. On a sudden whim, I asked her if she'd owned a shiny blue puffa jacket (I know, classy right?) when she was around 9 years old. Turns out it was her favourite coat.

A few days later I wrote a track for her, titled 'Blue Coat'. I sampled an old classical piece I'd written many years before, and the positive energy just flowed; the track was a true labour of love (and joy).

Sadly, but inevitably, the dismantling of that relationship followed soon after, and the track found itself married to some very painful memories. I decided to give it to my dear friend, vocalist and lyricist Matty Eeles to work with, telling her nothing of its origin (or the heartache it stirred up in me). The words and melody Matty came back with were exactly what I needed to hear at the time, helping me find some perspective and strength.

Excited about the new song, I decided to ask a favourite producer, Da Funk, to remix it. I didn't know the man personally, but something told me the track was right for him. When he sent back his mix, titled 'La Boheme', I almost fell off my chair. He had inadvertently given his remix the very same name as the restaurant in which I'd had the sudden thought that the girl sitting opposite me was in fact the girl in the Blue Coat.

Stranger still, when I told Da Funk about the coincidence with his remix title, he told me that when he'd first heard the parts of the original track, he had pictured a tall, willowy, bohemian looking girl in a white dress. He'd pretty much described my ex, right down to the dress she wore that night in La Boheme.

If there is any conclusion to be drawn, I think it really shows that music can serve as a kind of emotional code. The imprint of a certain night and a certain girl somehow became embedded into the very fabric of the music, so much so that a like-minded soul, who had no way of knowing the story, was able to decode it. And by accident too.

I find that thought to be rather wonderful.

Keep loving- the ripples go to realms we can't even comprehend, before coming back to us in the most unexpected and wonderful of ways.

Happy Valentine's Day!

 'Live Now' feat. Matty Eeles is released on March 10th exclusively via Beatport, with remixes from Da Funk & Minotaurs.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 Retrospective Mix (Recorded Exclusively For Proton Radio)

Welcome to the final Colour and Pitch session of 2013. A bittersweet journey through some of my favourite tracks from the last 12 months, as well as a few classics.

Recorded exclusively for Proton Radio and first broadcast on December 24th 2013.

C&P Sessions- every 4th Tuesday of the month. Show time: 4pm EST (9pm GMT)

1. HVOB - Lion (Stimming Remix) - Stil Vor Talent
2. Sumsuch - Quiet Times - Urban Torque
3. Beat Maniacs - Kerke - Loco
4. Joris Voorn - Ringo - Green
5. Vipul - Evovle - Wind Horse
6. Supacooks - Starlight - Look Ahead
7. The XX - Tides (Dixon Remix) - Young Turks
8. No One Gets Left Behind - DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures - Compost
9. Phil Weeks - Live At Palladium - Robsoul
10. Peter O - Hold On To It (Asadinho Remix) - Deepology
11. Sumsuch - This Old Town (Instrumental) - Apollo
12. Shef & Demic - Play - One Thirty Recordings

More info / archive here:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Colour and Pitch Session (Proton Radio) - October 2013

Here's a brand new episode of my Colour and Pitch Sessions, recorded exclusively for Proton Radio and first broadcast on October 22nd 2013.

This one's packed full of winter warmers and upfront promos from some of my favourite labels.

For DJ bookings please email me direct: 

C&P Sessions- every 4th Tuesday of the month. Show time: 4pm EST (9pm GMT)


01. Hackman - Forgotten Notes - Ramp Recordings
02. pothOles - Hooni - Oh! Records
03. Beanfield - Bring You Love Feat. Marzenka - Compost Black Label
04. Lessovsky - Empty Heart (Jay West Remix) - Oh! Records
05. Mesake -  Red Feat. Indre Ju (tONKPROJECT Remix) - DeepWit Recordings
06. Mass Digital - You Are My Happiness (Jay Tripwire Remix) - Headset Recordings
07. Jimpster - Towards The Seer (Andre Lodemann Remix) - Freerange
08. Never Knows feat. Qzen - On & On & On (Birdcage Remix) - Untitled & After
09. Savvas -  Restless Tranquility (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Ready Mix
10. Finest Wear - The Storm - Colour and Pitch
11. timestalkerz - Outsiders - Proton Limited

Monday, 30 September 2013

Finest Wear - The Storm (Sumsuch Remix) Out Now

I'm rather proud of this remix for Finest Wear, which appears on the 'Distant Memories' EP, released today exclusively on Beatport.

The lovely people who wrote the label notes kindly describe it as: "a typically cinematic and musical rework, brimming with dizzying key changes and off-kilter percussion."

Here's what some other clever people have to say about it:

"Sumsuch mix rokks!" - Nick Moss (Groove Assassin)

"The Sumsuch remix definitely takes it up a notch with the fatness, love the really full sound." - Andres Aguirre

"Deep house with passion and intent. the sumsuch remix is where it's at for me personally" - Mike W. (Kolour Recordings)

"Sumsuch Remix offers a different point of view on the original ‘’The Storm’’, soft percussions and sound effects, intoxicating rhythm and just before dawn session…" - DJ Nova (NovaPlanet, Greece)

"Great vibe, nice one!!" - Joan Ribas (Cafe Del Mar)