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Colour and Pitch Sessions - December 2022

The final Colour and Pitch session of 2022 is here, hosted and mixed completely live by me, Will Sumsuch.  The first broadcast of the show was on Proton Radio, December 27th 2022.  A track list is included below, so please be a mensch, support the artists and buy music! Tracklist: 1. Conic Rose - Goodbye - Self Released 2. Sampology - Rain - Middle Name Records 3. PROFF - Nara - Monstercat Silk 4. Nicolas Viana - Resist (Vincenzo Remix) - Be Adult Music 5. Tojami Sessions - What Is Love (Funtom Remix) - Deep Site Vinylized 6. Serious Dancers - Rajiya - Be Adult Music 7. Alex H - Turn Back The Clocks (Extended Mix) - Monstercat Silk 8. Platzdasch & Dix - Shape (Original Mix) -  Delve Deeper 9. Shahrokh Dini - Ubuntu (David Mayer Remix) - Compost 10. Kiko Navarro - You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Remix) - Afroterraneo 11. Louie Vega & Karen Harding - Free To Love (Mike Dunn Black Love Mix) - Nervous Colour and Pitch · Colour and Pitch Sessions with Sumsuch
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New Release: Sumsuch & Will Brock - Humanity Remixed

A year after the release of the original version, Colour and Pitch revisits Sumsuch and Will Brock 's tender Deep House cut ' Humanity ', with remixes by Paul Losev and DJ Joma . Premiered in April 2022 on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Paul Losev's rework of 'Humanity' lifts the track into orchestral territory with cinematic sonic atmospherics and spine-tingling piano melodies. Formerly known as Paul2Paul, this is the insanely talented Miami resident Losev's first appearance on Colour and Pitch, and we're very excited to welcome him to the label family. Host of the brilliant 'Thru The Looking Glass' podcast, Belfast's DJ Joma regularly plays on Bloop London, Data Transmissions Radio, Ibiza Global Radio and Pure Ibiza Radio. His version of 'Humanity' beautifully exemplifies Joma's languid, sun-drenched production style, perfect for the terrace this summer. 'Humanity' is perhaps Sumsuch and Will Brock's most heartfelt and accomplis

Colour and Pitch Sessions - November 2021

Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch returns with another hour of soul-stirring deep house and melodic electronica, mixed live on x2 CDJs and the Omnitronic mixer. Download and enjoy, and please support the artists by digging through the tracklist below and buying the tunes if you like 'em! Check out new label release 'My Book' by Alex Kentucky: Subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts: Tracklist: 1. Edapollo - Free - No Label 2. Alex Kentucky - My Book (Sumsuch Remix) - Colour and Pitch 3. M.O.S. - Na Vode Luna Igraet - All Day I Dream       4. Deividas Bagdanov - Champagne  5. Sixfeetplus - Navicular - Personal Belongings 6. Fingerprint - Rye & Eggs (Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat Extended Mix) - Anjunadeep 7. Moe Turk - AM:PM (BiG AL Remix) - Ready Mix Records 8. PROFF - Whale Song (Extended Mix) - Monstercat Silk 9. LevyM - Izibong feat. Tabia - Nervous 10. Qrion - Your Love (Extended Mix) - Anju

Colour and Pitch Sessions with Sumsuch - August 2021

Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch returns with a new selection of melodic underground sounds from across the world.  New label release 'Humanity' is available to pre-order on Traxsource:   Subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts:   Tracklist:  1. Golan Zocher feat. Velveta - Summer Sun (Original Mix) - Pro B Tech Music  2. DJ Joma - Divinity feat. Moon Aton (Kanedo Remix) - Colour and Pitch  3. Sumsuch, Will Brock - Humanity - Colour and Pitch  4. PROFF - Light Magic (Extended Mix) - Monstercat Silk  5. The Sapien Tree - Rhapsody I - Independent Release  6. Vincenzo - You Knew (Original Mix) - Be Adult Music  7. Rick Pier O'Neil - Chaliponga - Proton Music   8. Max Metrix - Lens Clouds - Polyptych Limited  9. Fred und Luna - Polytonikum (Dodi Palese Remix) - Compost  10. Chihaka - Kupisa - Particles  11. The Self Help Group - Temple OS (Gavin Boyce 2MB Distro Mix) - Colour and Pitch  12. Shahrokh D

Sumsuch & Will Brock - Humanity

UK / Philadelphia duo Sumsuch and Will Brock return to Colour and Pitch with soulful new Deep House track, Humanity. Releasing on BBE Music as Mega Jawns, Will Sumsuch and Will Brock have been making music together since 2013, when they joined forces for the first ever release on Colour and Pitch, 'Simpatico'. 'Humanity' is perhaps their most heartfelt and accomplished work yet. Framed by Sumsuch's warm production and lyrical lead guitar, Will Brock's words and powerful delivery are a clarion cry for forgiveness, tenderness and togetherness in these times of great division. The song came together quickly after a conversation between the two friends, discussing racial and political divisions in both the USA and UK. "So many of us cling to ideas and identities handed to us by whichever society we happen to be born into" says Sumsuch. "Will and I were talking about how people have become so attached to stances and beliefs that hurt themselves and oth

Colour and Pitch Sessions - May 2021

Sumsuch returns with a special show to celebrate the imminent release of 'Temple OS' by The Self Help Group, playing remixes by Grottoes, Rosko & Sumsuch and Gavin Boyce, alongside a host of brand new electronic gems. Soundcloud  |  Mixcloud  |  Apple Podcasts Tracklist: 1. The Self Help Group - Temple OS (Grottoes Reversion) - Colour and Pitch 2. The Self Help Group - Temple OS (Rosko & Sumsuch Remix) - Colour and Pitch 3. Max Porcelli - Don't Stop - 989 Records 4. Joey Chicago - Going Deeper - Peppermint Jam 5. Gavin Boyce - Kitui - Nordic Trax  6. LTN pres. Ghostbeats - The Wanderer - Monstercat Silk 7. The Self Help Group - Temple OS (Gavin Boyce 2MB Distro Mix) - Colour and Pitch 8. Paramour - Out of Body - Royal Advisor Records 9. Loveclub, Mariner + Domingo - Lose Control feat. Priest Music Productions - Particles 10. Gadi Mitrani - Out Of Time (Vincenzo Remix) - Be Adult Music 11. Albert R. - Drops - Electronic Tree Colour and Pitch · Colour and Pitch S

Sumsuch & Will Brock - There Comes a Time

'We declare, that you no longer have the right to steal our joy!' That's the message, as Will Brock and Sumsuch return to Colour and Pitch with new single 'There Comes a Time'. Will Brock and Sumsuch have been making music together since 2014, releasing two successful albums on iconic UK label BBE Music under their alias 'Mega Jawns'. In the grand tradition of Soul music, the instrumentation of 'There Comes a Time' is warm, lush and comforting, the lyrics filled with equal measures of pain and hope. Gospel-tinged contemporary deep house might be the best way to describe this mercurial and powerful song. Whether politics, relationships, poverty or discrimination, there is so much in the World designed to steal our joy. 'There Comes a Time' is a signpost toward an imagined, but entirely possible, promised land- a future where we can all come together with love and compassion for one another. Available on Spotify |  Traxsource |  Bandcamp