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Miakoda EP - Out Now

With my new release dropping on Scope's fantastic new Seven Music label this Monday, I thought perhaps I'd better attempt to indulge in some form of self promotional behaviour and tell you all how fantastic & wonderful it is, and give you as many reasons as possible why you should get up extra early on Monday morning to buy it.... It's gonna be available from all major download stores, and the files have been specially encoded so that if you download it illegally from a Sendspace link it will make your computer explode, or something.... When I sent the EP over to Scope (head honcho of Seven Music) I wasn't even particularly trying to get the tracks signed. The guy's a production hero of mine and has been for some time, and after his support and kind words for my previous releases on Urban Torque, I just thought I'd drop him a link and get some feedback. To my surprise I got a reply from him immediately, in which he explained his plans for Seven Music, an


... And a very warm welcome to my brand new blog. In these pages you can expect occasional previews, videos, mixes, opinions, ramblings and rantings from the mind of a grumpy musician / DJ… I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say very soon, but for now let's return to the music...