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Harold Heath & Sumsuch present... Lifers

AVANGARDIA all bright eyed and bushy tailed in 2012 introduce themagical world of Harold Heath & Sumsuch. Presenting - Lifers debut single 'Finders Keepers'., , Hazma opens the evenings proceedings with a lovely-lounge-locked driven groove with mountains of melody and Detroit 'Strings of Life' accents to illuminate you., , Harold Heath and Sumsuch 'Dub' it to the bone and re-jack the underbelly exposing the inner workings of the power station that drives Finders Keepers., , Sumsuch by his own admission roughs it up with robotic commands and bass-end acrobatic misbehaviour to leave you in no doubt who's the captain of this ship., , Dee Keepers make it clear from the very start that there is no hurry. The Melodic chords are stretched out as far as your eyes can see giving your ears plenty of time to ingest every last morsel., , Harold & Sumsuch's original version is stealthily and thoughtful. The momentum never allows you to leave the comfort of