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Colour and Pitch Sessions - August 2018

I'm back with another selection of the world's loveliest deep electronic sounds, including new and upcoming Colour and Pitch releases from Josiah Fontenot and Finest Wear.  Track list follows, so don't be a mooch and BUY MUSIC: 1. Quart - Never Say Never - BBE 2. Philipp Stoya - Neklar - Compost Black Label 3. Dubble D - Evans Above (Club Dub) - NICETRAXUK 4. Lil' Mark - The 3 L's (Pete Dorling Remix) - Interzone Music Club 5. Mousse T - Toscana (Loco Dice Remix) - Sweatbox 6. Jerome Sydenham feat. Fatima - Talk To Me - BBE 7. Eva - Reborn - Sweatbox 8. Finest Wear - Understanding - Colour and Pitch 9. Jon Delerious - Let’s Work - Nordic Trax 10. Josiah Fontenot - Fall’s Start (Mysterons Get Back Up Mix) - Colour and Pitch 11. Sebb Junior - Don't Stop (25th Anniversary Re-Edit) - Madhouse 12. Spiritchaser - I Remain (Extended Mix) - Guess Records 13. Jerome Sydenham - Soul Descendants feat. E Man - BBE

New Album: With You Now

Finding their own sound within electronic soul music, Will Brock & Sumsuch is a partnership of talented veterans from two distinct fields. Having previously released album ‘Ten Letters From Home‘ on BBE as Mega Jawns, this new collection sees them step out from behind that alias and establish a unit that both plays to their individual strengths and proves to be superior to the sum of its parts. Sharing songwriting duties between them, this album represents a radical departure from their studio based debut. Famed UK deep house producer and DJ Will Sumsuch wrote much of the music on guitar and brought a detailed ear to the arrangements. In a much more considered manner to their vivid and spontaneously recorded first, this album saw Will Brock studiously write and rewrite his lyrics and soulful vocal arrangements around Sumsuch’s acoustic jams. Each album shows two different sides to their catalysing partnership. But this second is more reflective of a deeper trust, understand