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Sumsuch & Danny Williams - We Give

Colour and Pitch label owner Will Sumsuch teams up with friend and occasional DJ partner Danny Williams for 'We Give', a dreamy piece of melodic and spiritual deep house. The pair first met in 2008 during the Movida Corona DJ championships, in which Danny was competing and Will had been asked to act as judge for a regional heat. Danny's impeccable mixing and track selection took him all the way to the UK finals that year, making a lasting impression on Will, who continues to rank Danny among his favourite DJs. It took the pair 8 years of spinning records together to finally get into the studio, but the resulting music is worth the wait. Diving in at the deep end for his first ever studio session, Danny supplies poetic spoken word vocals on both tunes, as well as guiding Will's hand on production and arrangement. Title track 'We Give' is a lazily euphoric deep house piece, combining life-affirming, heavily effected vocals with comforting chords, laid over a

Colour and Pitch Sessions - January 2017

C&P founder Will Sumsuch returns with his very first mix show of 2017, packed full of enough spiritual, beautiful electronic music to shame the devil (and send him to outer space)… The tracklist is included, so as always we implore you: don't be a mooch and BUY MUSIC! 1. Tibor Dragan - Early Bird (Sumsuch Remix) - Colour and Pitch 2. Kyle E - Themisto - What Came First 3. Manuel Fischer - Iris - Drumpoet Community 4. UNER - Urantia - Solar Distance 5. Matt Caine - Like A Fool - Nordic Trax 6. DJ Yellow - Ride The Rhythm (Ian Pooley Remix) - Compost Black Label 7. Atjazz - Wind & Sea (Nacho Marco Remix) - Atjazz Record Co. 8. WCJW - Stunt - Well Cut Records 9. Al Bradley - Night Owl - 3am Recordings 10. Wolf Hackmine - One Three One Four (Suddi Raval Acid Dub) - Colour and Pitch